Tlingit Culture, Language & Literacy Program (TCLL)

Tlingit Culture, Language & Literacy Program incorporates Tlingit language and culture into all academic teaching for grades K-5 at Harborview Elementary School. Students receive Tlingit language lessons from elders Kaseix (Selina Everson) - Deisheetaan (Raven/Beaver); Kingeisti (David Katzeek) - House Leader of Shangukeidi (Eagle/Thunderbird); Jigeit Tláa (Irene Hunter Cadiente) - Teikweidí (Eagle/Brown Bear); Yaxdulák (Lillian Austin) - Shangukeidí (Eagle/Thunderbird). The three multi-age classrooms explore the natural surroundings of our area with cultural connections to enhance understanding of the common core standards throughout all subject areas. The program also focuses on building strong relationships with families through family activities and community partnerships.

TCLL Ten Years Later 2013

The TCLL Program is located at Harborview Elementary School

(907) 523-1726

2009 Harborview Elementary School TCLL students gather around
Selina Everson to thank her for helping them celebrate a khoo.éex’.

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