U.S. Department of Education
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE)
Office of Indian Education

Ensuring No American Indian and Alaska Native Child Is Left Behind

The mission of the Office of Indian Education is to support the efforts of local educational agencies, Indian tribes and organizations, post-secondary institutions, and other entities to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives so that these students can achieve to the same challenging state standards as all students.

The No Child Left Behind Act amends the Indian education programs as Title VII, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This landmark in education reform embodies four key principles: stronger accountability for results; greater flexibility in the use of federal funds; more choices for parents of children from disadvantaged backgrounds; and an emphasis on research-based instruction that works.

Title VII Student Eligibility Certification

What is a 506 form? (form available below)

The 506 form, also known as an eligibility form, is necessary to help generate federal funding for the Title VII program.

Is my child eligible?

Are you, your child, or his/her grandparent an enrolled member of an Alaska Native Group or American Indian Tribe?

If so, your child may be able to enroll in Title VII Indian Education Program. Enrollment will increase opportunities available for your Native student. The program's goal is to help Native students meet and exceed state academic and cultural standards.

For eligibility purposes, an Indian is defined as any individual who is:

  • 1. a member (as defined by the Indian tribe or band) of an Indian tribe or band, including those Indian tribe or bands terminated since 1940, and those recognized by the State in which the tribe or band reside; or
  • 2. a descendent in the first or second degree (parent or grandparent) as described in (1); or
  • 3. considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be an Indian for any purpose; or
  • 4. an Eskimo or Aleut or other Alaska Native; or
  • 5. a member of an organized Indian group that received a grant under the Indian Education Act of 1988 as it was in effect October 19, 1994.

What services does a 506 form qualify my child for?

Upon enrollment, your child will be eligible to participate in the Title VII Indian Studies Program delivered through your child's school, including, but not limited to:

  • Academic tutoring
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Native Advisory Committee (parents, teachers and high school students)


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